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The Kopenik Science Center
The Kopernik Science Centre is the latest attraction on the map of Warsaw. The two storey building, 15,000 square meters, is one of the most modern European institutions of its kind presenting the relationship between science, culture and everyday life.
The Kopernik Science Center, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 20,,, tel. +48 22 596 41 00. Adult ticket 25 zł, reduced 16 zł, children below 2 years enter free.
Opening hours: TUE-SUN 10.00-20.00 (ticket office till 19.00). By bus: 185, 118, 128 - bus stop Biblioteka Uniwersytecka or 102, 105, 162 - bus stop Pomnik Syreny (Syrena monument). TIP! - to get here from the Central Railway station take buses 102 and 128. Underground parking tariff: 30 min. - 2,50 zł, first and following hour 5 zł.

The World on the move - experiments about the phenomena of movement that will show you how movement starts and what are its consequences
Man and the environment - the development of man, working parts of the body and reciprocal relations between men and their surrounding
Light zone - the only exhibition with a story theme. Visitors take part in the battle between light and darkness, and perform experiments in the field of optics.
Roots of civilization - an observation of the processes of development of our civilization and the contribution of each field of science in this process. This takes place in a famous theater with robots on the stage.
Bzzz! - an experience prepared for younger children (up to six years) who, using all their senses, will be introduced to the mysteries of the world.
Re: Generation - this exhibition is more for older children, and the individual exhibits relate to problems which concern teenagers entering the adult world.
Artistic displays - found in each gallery, presenting inspiration for artists creating the galleries

The Copernicus Sky is one of the most modern planetarium in the world. It is located in a building located near the Vistula River, shaped like a huge boulder. Inside is a room with a spherical projection screen with a 16-meter diameter, digital projectors, star projector so
you can see nearly 20 million stars. Spherical image gives the illusion of complete immersion in the virtual world. Shows, not only for astronomy, will encourage viewers of all ages.

This area is a combination of recreational space and space for experiments, presentations and cultural events. Park with an area of 15 thousand sq. meters has been designed around the building. On the lawn among the trees and shrubs there are exhibitions and artistic projects, which in an unusual way use sound effects and the sound wave phenomena.

Four professional educational labs are equipped with modern research equipment and multimedia. Under the supervision one can perform their own experiments in physics, chemistry, biology and robotics. Laboratories are available to visitors on Saturdays and Sundays.
Chemical Laboratory is a paradise for lovers of explosive reaction and the gurgling of the tubes. You can run experiments using professional laboratory equipment, but also to create something useful and in addition take it home with you. On the weekend chemical classes guests produce soap and become acquainted with the secret ingredients usually written on the cosmetics packaging.
Biological Laboratory prepared for the lovers of nature, medicine and… microscale, since the biological experiments use small samples here and inconspicuous equipment. The results, however, are exciting. On the weekend scenario ‘biologist at the crime scene' you can play
the police detective and solve the mystery of crime by comparing the genetic profile of the sample from the crime scene with the DNA of suspects. Laboratory analysis leads to identify the culprit.
Physical Laboratory invites all to the scales. Do not worry – the microbes will be weighed, not participants. During classes attendants create scales to determine the weight of very small objects. Weighing in everyday objects, dry as phone, keys, pen, you can check yourself whether the scale is set up properly.
Robotic Studio is the most original educational workshop. An ideal place for enthusiasts, mechanics, mechatronics, computer science and electronics and those of you who dream of owning his own R2D2. Specialized Lego Mindstorms bricks let you create any robot - the shapes and features of the vehicle, animal or human. You can learn the basics of programming machines, both humanoid and industrial ones.