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Today is 28 January
we celebrate name day of

Walery, Radomir, Karol

Sunrise: 7:24
Sunset: 16:14

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Plac Defilad 1 (PKiN)
tel. +48 22 656 62 81
12.00 - last guest

The Cultural Cafe is located inside a Warsaw landmark - The Palace of Culture. The social realism architecture of the building creates an unforgettable and very special atmosphere. During the day the cozy cafeteria offers a fusion menu and this all changes at night into the leading underground entertainment location of the capital city.

Konopnickiej 6
tel. +48 22 339 06 08
19.00 - last guest,


An unusual place on the clubbing map of Warsaw. This prewar building is one of the most interesting postindustrial facilities in the centre of Warsaw. The unique interiors including the former swimming pool make an impression on guests and create space for an original arrangement of the audience. The facility organises unconventional productions and is a venue open to all kinds of cultural and entertainment presentations. Each idea performed or organised here has a particular and unforgettable atmosphere.
Nowogrodzka 11
tel. +48 723 947 788
(5-6) 21.00-03.00


The club is located in the heart of Warsaw and has room, in a black -white style environment, for 200 guests. Here the character is dominated by king size pop art graphics and boudoir style gadgets. Excellent entertainment with diverse music: electro, house and drum&bass sounds. The best DJs make each party different, each worth remembering.
Złota 59
+48 22 222 07 00
The Hard Rock Cafe is a special place on the clubbing map and should be a starting point for all the clubbing nights you want to spend in Warsaw. Relaxed atmosphere, great rock music, delicious food and a wide selection of alcoholic beverages will start you off in a great mood for the rest of the night. The two levels have space for a restaurant, a Hard Rock shop, two cocktail bars, a music scene and a rock music museum. Check it out and find out.
Ząbkowska 11
tel. +48 22 618 02 56
(1-4), (7) 15.00-24.00 
(5-6) 15.00-02.00


Łysy Pingwin (The Bald Penguin) is a gallery, cafeteria, a pub but most of all a meeting place for interesting people from diverse environments. The interior is filled with intriguing, niche music and has a unique atmosphere. The Bald Penguin organises concerts, vernisages, independent film presentations and very often, spontaneous cultural events. The menu includes grilled sandwiches, snacks, salads and Czech beers and different alcoholic drinks. Airconditioned.
pl. Małachowskiego 3
tel. + 48 22 828 05 84
13.00 - last guest
Located in the cellars of the Zacheta Gallery this club and cafeteria offers a labyrinth of rooms and secret cul-de-sacs. Here you can expect concerts, DJ parties, theatrical performances and many more. Next to a large dancing room with stage and screens there are mysterious corridors and rooms where you can isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Art deco furniture mixes with second hand cinema chairs, 60 and 70 design pearls and treasures from the flea market.
Nowy Świat 27
(in the courtyard)
tel. + 48 503 118 088
11.00 - last guest
Powiększenie has been a club from 2009 and cafeteria and an informal centre of independent culture. The mission here is to promote interesting streams of modern music including musical experiments, noise and improvised music, avant-garde jazz and rock including ambitious dance music. Along with the extensive offer of concerts there are film presentations, theatrical performances and cultural-social discussion panels. At the weekend the place is turned into DJ parties promoting non-commercial dance music.
Inżynierska 3
tel. +48 791 311 060
(2-7) 18.00-05.00


The name of the club, Bee Dream, was inspired by a dream the owner had of a bee flying around a grenadine fruit just seconds before he awoke. The interiors are a surrealistic design divided by forceful decorations, with many cul de sacs and two levels: one in the mood of a dream and the second a surrealistic basement perfect for parties. During a warm night you can sit on a bed or bathtub placed in the courtyard where there is also a postindustrial hangar converted into theatrical-cinema hall.
Ząbkowska 6
tel. +48 660 780 319
‘In the Fumes of the Absurd’, as this place is called, is located on Zabkowska Street. It’s a special place with the atmosphere of Warsaw Praga compared often to the famous Kazimierz district in Krakow. Surrounded by the ‘with history’ furniture, paintings that match the scenery of the area, music - often performed live: jazz sounds, Russian and Balkan elements, Gypsy sounds, rock and completely absurd sounds, everyone will find a point of interest here for themselves.

Chmielna 5
tel. + 48 22 826 15 93

Beat the winter blues and escape the cold in the cozy interiors of the, ‘Chillout Factory’. Located in the city centre, ‘Chillout Factory’, is known for its selection of beers, affordable cocktails, lounge music, delicious food and some local specialty drinks that will warm any chilled traveller.