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Today is 22 February
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Powsin, Konstancin - Jeziorna
Welcome to a full day trip to the Botanical Gardens in Powsin and the only SPA town in the neighborhood of Warsaw, Konstancin-Jeziorna.
Powsin is located about 5 km from Wilanów Palace, Konstancin some 7 km from Powsin. From Wilanow to the Botanical Gardens is an extremely popular cycling route and from Powsin you can easily get by bike following route 724 to Konstancin.
We think it's a good idea to rent a bike and plan the whole day on two wheels! You can also easily do it by bus. Go to the Wilanowska metro station and get on bus 139 to the Botanical Gardens.
After your botanical visit take a walk, about 1 km, to Prawdziwka Street, then Borowa and you will reach busy Warszawska Street where you will see the 710 bus stop – take the bus to Konstancin.
At the end of the day you can get back to Warsaw using the 710 to the Wilanowska metro station.

1. The Botanical Gardens in Powsin
The Botanical Gardens of the Polish Science Academy were opened to the public on 12th May 1990 but the initial construction work and planting took place 20 years earlier.
Today the garden covers about 40 hectares and presents almost 9000 species of trees, bushes, flowers and vegetables.
The garden area has been divided into theme parks and planted accordingly, for example: Polish flora, arboretum (trees and bushes), ornament flowers, farming plants, exotic flora (in a 2000 sq meters greenhouse, lovely all year round!). For a visit here plan a few hours.
It of course depends on the weather, time of the year and your botanical knowledge. During Spring and Summer weekends the area becomes very busy and a popular place for walks and the meetings of whole families. Occasionally there are special events organized for children such as playgrounds, competitions and educational games.
Beside the ticket office is a small cafeteria and summer garden with refreshments and ice cream in the summer. It gets rather busy here in Spring when the magnolias and azalea bushes are flowering, during the Summer when the rose garden is in colourful bloom and during Autumn weekends when everything is covered by colorful leaves.
 After your walk and some relaxing moments in this beautiful place let's move to Konstancin (you will find tips how to get there in the introduction).

2. Konstancin - Jeziorna
A starting point from where to explore the town could be the ‘Papiernia' bus stop (that is if you plan to have a look at an old paper production factory now turned into interesting shopping centre) or the ‘Sobieskiego' stop which is just a step away from Sienkiewicza Street leading to the SPA Park. A walk along the streets close to the SPA Park is to take a trip to the beginnings of the XX century.
 The villas located around the SPA with their spacious gardens and private parks are truly magnificent. The most beautiful ones are, for example, on Sienkiewicza Street (villa Moja, Natemi, Świt) Batorego Street (Kaprys, Eunice, Julia, Zbyszek) Jagiellońska Street (Anna, Urocza, Eloe) or Sobieskiego Street (Quo Vadis or Zameczek).
 Konstancin offers accommodation in a number of hotels and there are inns which are worth a visit - if you plan to visit on a sunny weekend, book in advance! Konstancin-Jeziorna is the only SPA located close to Warsaw.
 The attractions of the town are its historical villas and the SPA Park with the Graduation Tower which has been in use since 1978.
 The Graduation Tower releases mineral-rich water droplets into the air which are regarded as having beneficial health effects similar to that of breathing in sea air.
The water droplets come from the top of a special wooden construction through a fountain called popularly, the mushroom.
The 6,49% brine water is pumped from 1640 meters below ground and its temperature is about 30° Celsius.
A visit here, breathing these microelements in the mist, is very beneficial for those who suffer from high blood pressure, respiratory illnesses, stress, or for those who smoke or live in a polluted environment.
 It is important to remember that time spent here is controlled and limited: Up to 15 minutes close to the mushroom, 1 hour inside or up to 3 hours walking around the Graduation Tower.
 Visits are not recommended, however, for those who have low blood pressure, coronary problems or have recently suffered a coronary thrombosis or cancer.
A visit to the Graduation Towers improves the body's immunology so planning a trip here to charge your batteries before going out to explore Warsaw and Mazowsze is a great idea!