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Today is 19 January
we celebrate name day of

Marta, Henryk, Mariusz

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The entrance to pier in MiędzyzdrojeThe town of Międzyzdroje - called the Pearl of the Baltic - is considered one of the most popular popular spa towns in Poland. The history of this town starts in the XII c, though the village of Międzyzdroje was known in the mid XIX c. The construction of the spa with saltwater brine treatment and the hotels with their very good restaurants commenced about this time. Nowadays Międzyzdroje has about 6000 citizens though in the summer or hot weekends the numbers increases almost 10 times!

The view from ther pier. In distance the Kawcza Mountain.Promenade - the pedestrian zone in town comprises two streets. Stars Avenue and the Heroes of Warsaw. About 1 km of the street is completely full of souvenir stalls and shops, bars, fried fish bars and restaurants. Just beyond the celebrated Amber hotel you can walk along the pavement over famous Polish actor's hand prints. This is called the Hollywood Boulevard of Poland.

The Molo - The pier was built in 1830 as a wooden bridge. After WWII its length was 120 m until 2004 when it was renovated and prolonged to 395 m. Passenger ships arrive at the deep end and there is talk of a floating restaurant in the not so distant Polish future.

The Kawcza Mountain - This you enter through a wooden gate located in the eastern part of the town just above the little port. The passage leads to the cliffs that look so picturesque from the pier and beach. Note that you are entering the Sowinski National Park and special rules apply (e.g. don't wander off the path, don't make a noise, don't pick the flowers and don't litter the place. Respect Nature). The path will take you to the top of the Kawcza Mountain (61 m), the White Mountain (85 m) and the Gosań Mountain (93 m) – the highest on the Polish coast. At the top there are picturesque and romantic views but if you plan to watch a sunset remember to bring a torch for the way back! Take a friend. Enjoy.
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