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Today is 19 January
we celebrate name day of

Marta, Henryk, Mariusz

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The port in Darłowo. Photo IT Darłowo.A town of 15,000 people in West Pomerania on the shores of the Baltic Sea. This is not a well known tourist location but is a place for holidays for children and is a destination which is now opening to the rest of Europe. There are many reasons that it will become popular: great location, interesting history, unique monuments and good investment possibilities.

The buildings not to be missed are the Pomeranian Dukes Castle from the second half of the XIV C. The Kings of Denmark, Sweden and Norway lived here -Eric the Pomeranian when he lost his Scandinavian throne, went back to Darłowo and rebuilt and reinforced the fortress. After his death Bogusław X strengthened castle even more. He built the House of Princess Zofia, the living quarters where the white lady ghost walks. The museum is open from 10.00-16.00, (after 15 VI) 10.00-18.00 (tickets on sale till 15.30). Adult ticket 8 zł, reduced 4 zł. Visit the Belfry 2 zł. Guide's fee 35 zł.
The monument of fishermen. Photo IT Darłowo.Another important monument is the Gothic Maria's Church, the construction of which was begun in 1321. When you visit take a look at the sarcophagi of King Eric and the Duchesses Elisabeth and Jadwiga.
The St. Gertruda Church is quite an extraordinary building and unique in Pomerania. It was probably founded by King Eric after his pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It is a rare type of church in Poland and represents the Scandinavian Gothic style. The earliest records about this church date from 1497 when Darłowo was flooded and a ship was deposited on the hill where the church stands.
If you are on holiday in Darłowo visit the St George Church, the Tall Gate and the famous Fisherman's monument and fountain.
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