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General overview on transportation in Tricity

Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia are all together a special Tricity agglomeration. Traveling by car from Gdańsk to Gdynia, passing through Sopot, you might think that you are still within the boundaries of one sprawling city. If you use the Tricity bypass watch the street name signs to find out where you are exactly. The long, seemingly never ending lines of buildings, can give the impression of a large city. When you finally turn into your destination or a part of the city centre you will see the large differences between the three towns. All of them are quite unique, special and different to each other.

To ease the transport problems engendered by the Tricity agglomeration the best solution is the above mentioned, the Tricity bypass. If you follow the well marked directions your journey will be trouble free. However, when you enter the city proper you join the normal flow of traffic with all the jams, lack of parking places, paid parking zones, deviations, road works and such like that you probably are familiar with in your own country! Do not despair; despite all of these obstacles traveling by car has many advantages, among them the ability to travel whenever youwant, far from the limitations and schedules of public transport.

If you need an alternative form of transport do not hesitate to use the SKM, the Fast City Rail system. It is a kind of above ground subway on rails with train stations as stops. The great advantage here is complete independence from the local traffic congestion which causes many a headache when traveling by car during rush hours. Another plus for this form of transport is the location of the stations which are the same as the train stations in all three city centres. Walking from them to the many tourist attractions in the Tricity is not an arduous adventure, and does not take a lot of time. And last but not least is the reasonable price of the tickets. See details in the transportation section, SKM chapter.

You can also choose the network of buses, trams and trolley buses as wells as the easiest, most comfortable, but most expensive - taxis. All the details are in separate chapters in the transportation section in the Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia sites.

Last update July 2007