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Internet access for tourists in Poland.

Traveling across Poland you will find many possibilities of connections to the internet. If you take your laptop or palmtop with you there will be occasions for free internet connection in hot spots located in many hotels, restaurants, airports, stations and often in popular places of tourist interest. Almost all the above three star hotels offer free internet in their rooms (it may be cable or wireless). Unfortunately some of the hotels will require a fee for the connection but this is becoming rare and free internet access is standard nearly everywhere. If you are in range of wireless connection special instructions will appear on your computer screen which you have to follow to get the connection (or how to pay to get connected).

If there is no cable or wireless connection but you are in a room equipped with a phone you can get connected via a modem (if you have a cable and modem in you computer of course). You will need to set up a new connection in your internet search program. The national internet number is 0 20 21 22. The user name and password is ppp. The cost per a 3 minute impulse is the same as a local conversation. But note! In some hotels the cost of one telephone impulse may be higher and sometimes too high to be acceptable ... so ask the reception staff before starting up the connection.

In good standard hotels there are also special rooms (business centres) where guests may use computers with internet connection. A chain of hotels, Hotel System (Kraków, Wrocław and Poznań) is unique in that each room is equipped with a PC computer, LCD screen and internet connection. We hope this will become standard soon, meanwhile congratulations to this chain for raising the standards of service in this domain!

If you have left you laptop at home you do not have to worry about being disconnected from the e-world. Just look around the city centre or the surroundings of any touristy spots and places of interest and you will without doubt see an ‘Internet Cafe' sign. There are many all across Poland. The price will differ depending on the city and location. Traditionally the most expensive are in Warsaw or close to the coast during the vacation peak. Internet access is not a problem in Poland. You will be able to stay up to date and in contact with your home base throughout your stay in our country!
last update May 2009
Examples of prices of internet access in popular Internet Cafes in city centres:


15 min.

30 min.

1 h

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