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Today is 12 November
we celebrate name day of

Renata, Witold, Konrad

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Sunset: 15:51

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Just arrived by plane?
The airport at Balice, officially known as the Jana Pawła II International Airport, is a small but a convenient one. Expect some crowds during the rush hours, especially when low cost flights are departing / arriving one after another. The airport consists of two terminals located about 1 km distance from each other - International T1 and Domestic T2. There is a free shuttle airport bus leaving from T2 to T1 and then to the train station (train departures to city centre - see schedule in the separate box). T1 consists of two floors. Ground floor with check-in counters, departures for non-Shengen flights, arrivals, a number of booths including exchange bureaus, tourist information, several car rental desks, airlines desks, bank and a little cafeteria and snack bar. On the first floor there is a departure gate for Schengen
and the rest of the non-Schengen flights, kiosks with books, newspapers and magazines, a last minute souvenir shop as well as a restaurant and cafeteria (reasonably priced with sandwiches, salads, good coffee). T2 is simple with a kiosk and cafeteria only.
The airport is located about 11 km from the city center.The center can be reached by buses 292 (Hotel Cracovia, main Railway station, Mogilskie roundabout, Kraków High School) or 208 (Nowy Kleparz, Grottgera, AGH Campus). Go to the ticket office to get details about what kind of ticket is necessary for the bus you need - see chapter ’public
transport’. It's  faster way (only 15 min.) to get to the city centre with a special train. Unfortunately the train station is located about 200 m from T1 (go out of T1 turn right and then left following the metal fence and high trees, soon you will see the little train station on your right). Tickets can be purchased on the train from the conductor or in ticket machines.
Before leaving the terminal get some small change for the ticket as the conductor rarely has change. Note you can pay in EURO but the exchange rate is rather inflated as the EURO in coins exchange rate is half of the normal rate! You have been warned. So don’t pay in EURO if you can. Be prepared with some Polish zlotys in small change. Ticket costs 12 zł. To get to the centre there are also taxis, of course. To get to the centre there are also taxis, of course. These may cost from 50 to 70 zł to get to the centre
depending on traffic and at what time you travel.