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Today is 29 January
we celebrate name day of

Franciszek, Zdzisław, Zenon

Sunrise: 7:23
Sunset: 16:16

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The bus system around the city is well developed. In rush hours busesmay be crowded but they are safe and punctual. Unfortunately there are no enough bus lanes and they can get
stuck in traffic jams with other cars. There are three types of buses: Black Number - regular service - stops at all bus stops. Red Number - rapid service - stops at selected bus stops on
the same regular routes. Black Square with white numbers followed by N - night buses (you have to flag these down). There are also the express buses (E) and suburban buses going
to the outer parts of the city (numbers 700-799). On the timetable in the bus stop shelter the first column is the bus arrival time on weekdays, the second column gives times of
arrival on weekends and holidays (they don't always stick to the times though). A list of bus stops is also given. Make sure you know the direction you want to go. The destination of the
bus is displayed at the front and side of the bus. TIP! When a bus or tram number plate is yellow it means that the scheduled route has been changed. The new route is
usually fixed on a window. You cannot take buses or trams with 'zjazd do zajezdni' plate at the front. It means that the bus or tram is returning to the depot and does not take passengers.
So don't go banging on the doors trying to get in! If it's not the last bus on that day, wait for another one to come.