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Today is 18 November
we celebrate name day of

Aniela, Klaudyna, Roman

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The Wilanów Palace and Park
Wilanów is situated 10 km from the centre of Warsaw and is at the end of the historical Royal Route. It can be reached by buses E-2, 116, 130, 117, 180, 519, 522. Bus stop WILANÓW. Cross the street then walk in the direction of the church and park which is on your right at 10/16 Potockiego street.
The Palace is open: 16.00-18.00GARDEN: entry free. The garden is open from 09.00 till dusk. Tel. +48 22 842 07 95. Palace tours: in groups with a Polish guide admission 20 zł, reduced 15.
TIP! The token attached to your ticket indicates your allotted time of entry into the Palace so if you are late you might not get in with another group!
The Gardens: admission with no guide 5 zł, reduced 3 zł. Polish guide min. 20 persons - 100.
The King’s architect, Augustyn Locci, built the Palace (1677-1680) for King Jan III Sobieski as his royal residence. Its model was an Italian village and its original Italian name is ’Villa Nuova’ hence the Polish name of Wilanów. After the death of Jan III (in Wilanów), the Palace became the residence of many Polish aristocratic families and at their whim was rebuilt or rearranged many times. Notwithstanding these alterations, Wilanów is a symbol of the reign of the Polish King Jan III Sobieski who broke the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683 and saved Europe from Islam. (Inside the Palace are portraits representing the monarch). The Palace. You enter a wide courtyard which is surrounded on three side by the well-proportioned facade of the Palace.Then through a gate archway with its allegories of war and peace constructed during the reign of Jan III and into the Palace. Certain personal items belonging to the King (and his beloved Marysieńka) can be found on the ground floor. The entire Palace, especially the King’s Royal Bedroom and the Central Hall make this visit something to remember for a long time. The entrance to the gardens is in the left corner of the courtyard. These are splendid gardens which have matured and been restyled over several centuries. They give visitors an opportunity to appreciate many different forms of horticulture, and to compare them in one location. The Baroque garden in the French - Italian style is situated centrally. The English - Chinese Romantic garden covers the area to the south of the Palace and the English park is in the north. A pathway runs between a small lake and perfectly ranked trees. Sculptures, monuments, garden pavilions, neatly laid out flowerbeds and walkways make it an idyllic and peaceful place for all visitors.
After the Palace and its garden(s) we recommend a visit to the Poster Museum which is situated at the right side of the entrance gate (Open MON 12.00-16.00, TUE, THU, FRI 10.00-16.00, WED 11.00-17.00, SAT SUN 10.00-18.00, 10 zł adult ticket, 7 zł reduced) and the Neo-Baroque church of St. Ann (to the left of the Palace).
You will need three to four hours for this visit, but don’t rush it, enjoy!