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Today is 20 October
we celebrate name day of

Ireny, Kleopatry, Jana

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By train

If your hotel is located in the centermost likely you will end your trip at the Central Railway Station - Centralny. This architecturally unique facility, loved and hated at the same
time, went through a vast renovation in 2011. The dark, scary platforms and corridors are forgotten in the past now. The station gleams today, new screens clearly show train
schedules, and shopping malls encourage you to shop and relax with a coffee and quick snack.
Station platforms are located at -2, -1 levels with a maze of well indicated underground passages leading to the tram and bus stops, and there are plenty of shops, cafes and a number of ticket offices on your way. The Main Hall is at level 0 with ticket sales, waiting areas, tourist information, shops, the whole caboodle. The first floor Main Hall also has
the international ticket office and a 24hour pharmacy. Exit the Main Hall towards the Marriott hotel to the taxi stand, and in the direction of Golden Terraces Mall to get on a bus.
Another important railway junction in Warsaw is the Eastern Railway Station (Wschodnia).
It was a run-down place avoided not only by tourists but also residents, but today has changed beyond recognition. If your hotel is located in the Praga district, you will end your train adventure here at this station. Then out into the street to find a tram or bus to your destination
(maybe a taxi would be better the first time).
The last of the major railway stations in the Capital is the West Station (Zachodnia). Unfortunately plans for rebuilding this huge facility before the Championships have not come
to fruition. We do not recommend using this train station if possible. It's a bit grimy, not easy to get around, and not specially safe after dark. Go one stop further and end your journey at Warszawa Centralna.