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The Chopin Airport in Warsaw, popularly known as Okęcie, seems to change its face each year. The construction work is being carried out in stages, so traffic is not disrupted, and
the negative impact of work on the comfort of passengers is minimized. Work is currently underway on the construction of a new parking zone and a new hotel (Renaissance).
The reconstruction of the old terminal will begin in August.

After its completion in 2014, the existing old terminal will not be different from the new one opened in 2006. Over the next two years arrivals and departures will take place in the new building. Airline and car rental offices will soon be transferred to a new location.
The capital city airport is well organized, clearly labeled and modern. In the departure lounge there are cafes, kiosks and souvenir shops. In the arrivals hall, you can go shopping at
the grocery store, have a coffee and get tourist information (and the latest issue of The Visitor). In Okęcie you will find all the amenities you will find in any of the world's airports.
The only difference is the size of the airport. It is not the largest in the world, but perhaps this is its advantage? After passing through luggage control you can enjoy a coffee
or tea, browse through kiosks, have a sandwich or a bigger snack, check out the restaurant, bars, four business lounges, vending machines, duty free shops and book store.
Enough to keep you occupied as you wait for your flight.
Ignore taxi touts offering a trip to the city center. When you go out you will find official taxis in front of both terminals (all with taxi meters). A weekday trip to the center should cost
not more than 40 zł. You can also take a bus, No 175, which leaves from in front of the terminal (beyond the taxis, on the right). Buy your tickets inside the airport or from the machine at the bus stop. Tickets can be bought on the bus from the driver at 3,60 zł. Going into town the bus passes The Blu Sobieski Hotel, The Marriott Hotel and the Central Railway
Station then onto The Novotel Centrum Hotel and finally to Piłsudskiego Sq. The journey to the city center should take approximately 30 min. (40 min. in the rush hour).
There is a rail service between the Central Station and the Chopin Airport. At peak hours, trains depart every 10-12 minutes and normally every quarter. Duration from the
airport to the Central Station about 25minutes. The railway station is located on level -1, to the right of the old terminal arrivals.
The rail operator has launched three lines: Fast Train S2 and S3 (SKM) and the Masovian Railways train (KM). This is causing some difficulties with changes in the route and
types of tickets. SKM S2 line route - Airport - Służewiec - Żwirki i Wigury - Rakowiec - Aleje Jerozolimskie - West Station (Dworzec Zachodni) -Ochota -Downtown Station (Dworzec Śródmieście) - Powiśle Station - Stadion Station - East Station (Dworzec
Wschodni) - then the route follows the direction Sulejowek. Note that S2 does not stop at the Dworzec Centralny!
If you want to get to the centre get off at the Downtown Station (Śródmieście) and you are in the proximity of the Metro, right at the Palace of Culture and Marriott, Novotel
Centrum and Polonia hotels.
SKM S3 line route - Airport - Służewiec - Żwirki i Wigury - Rakowiec - Aleje Jerozolimskie - West Station (Dworzec Zachodni) - Central Station (Dworzec Centralny) – East Station (Dworzec Wschodni) - then the route follows the direction Legionowo.
Lines S2 and S3 are subject to the regular municipal ticket system. It's a good idea to start your visit in Warsaw buying 24 h or 3 day tickets. These tickets once validated are for all trains from/to the airport as well as in all buses, trams and Metro (within the city limits) and are the best way of getting around. Just keep the validated ticket with you all
the time. There are controls.
With other schedules there are the Mazovian Railways (KM) trains. You need to double check the route as some of them finish their route at the West Station. Most will go further to the Central and East station but be sure your train does. You can use 24h and 3 day municipal tickets BUT if you need a single journey ticket it has to be purchased especially for the KM lines as a single journey municipal ticket is not valid here. It's confusing but if you know in advance it might ‘de-confuse' you and you might not get lost!
When leaving Warsaw you will check-in at the new terminal. After you are cleared by security you can walk freely between the new and old parts of Okecie. Both parts have duty free shops and cafeterias. Nowadays there are a variety of cafeterias and restaurants with high or more reasonable prices. Flights out of the Schengen zone are right at the end of the new terminal (a shortwalk and passport control).Once you pass passport control you are in a separate closed zone but there are still a few shops and two cafeterias including Wedel that offer a delicious farewell from Poland as you wait for your departure.

New airport to handle charter and low cost airlines was opened in Modlin. The airport is located about 35 km from the city center. The aesthetically small but functional terminal does not offer business clients services. There are no business lounges and boutiques nor air conditioning in the main hall. Travelers, however, have all the necessary services and
facilities, which can be found in most airports around the world. In front of the terminal is parking for 700 cars. Parking is free for 10 minutes, after every 10 minutes costs
10 zł. There are several private car parks in the vicinity of the airport. Leaving your car for one day costs 60 zł, for 7 days 100 zł.
How to get there?
By train. The railway link is the fastest and cheapest way to get to the airport. At Warsaw Central Station take the Masovian Railways train (white and green carriages) to
Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki and get off at Modlin station. At the station change for the shuttle bus (every 20minutes), which takes you to the passenger terminal. A one way train ticket costs 12 zł and includes the cost of the bus ticket (from the airport you can buy a bus ticket which will be valid for the train also). The train should not take longer than 50 minutes, and the shuttle about next 7 minutes.
By bus. From the Central Station, from the side of John Paul II Street there are bus lines that go directly to the airport in Modlin. Buses leave every hour. Travel time is subject to
traffic in Warsaw and can take an hour. The ticket costs 9 zł.
By Car. To reach the airport by car follow route S7 to Gdańsk to the exit, Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki and follow the signs to the airport, about 2 km. Travel time will be approximately 40 min. and is obviously dependent on traffic in the city and on the S7.
By Taxi. The fare for a taxi by phone from the city center to the airport will be about 150 zł. Before a dedicated taxi firm serving the airport is created or chosen we suggest you try
a little bit of negotiation with the taxi corporation when ordering a taxi.